Benholms Gateway is the planned sensory garden and play area for the part of Seaton Park between Benholms Tower and the Cathedral Gate.

Developed following a chance visit to the Princess Diana Memorial Garden at Kensington and designed to work with the landscape and history of the area, the fully accessible area will bring together elements of sound, light and play to create the only sensory garden of its kind in the North of Scotland.

Tillydrone Motte

The hill near to Benholms Tower is a registered Historic Monument – Tillydrone Motte. While likely not the remains of an actual Motte and Bailey Castle, investigations have shown that there was likely some sort of fortified outpost or structure dating from early Iron Age until at least the 2nd century AD.
In keeping with this, the area between Benholms Tower and the Motte will have light play installations, water play ( in reflection of the River Don below) and an accessible Fort Structure nestled beside the Motte.
From there the Sensory trail will snake down the hill with sound based play equipment and Wooden Teepee’s reflecting the Spires of St Machars Cathedral which can be seen through the trees.

The Granite Garden

Wood Carvings and tactile equipment will be used to expand on the scenery around the Granite Garden beside the Cathedral Gate.
The granite garden was championed by David Welch who, as director of parks in Aberdeen, gave this city 26 awards in Scotland in Bloom and won Britain in Bloom 10 times. When he left Aberdeen City, it was to take up a role as Chief Executive of Royal Parks where he looked after, among others, Kensington Gardens and therefore was responsible for developing the Diana Memorial which has inspired our development of the Benholm Gateway.